City & Culture


Odawara is the castle town that is closest to Hakone.

Hinode Ryokan is only a three-minute walk from Odawara Station, so you will find it easy to get to Hakone.
Hakone is famed for its many tourist attractions, from the unspoiled nature of Owakudani valley, Lake Ashi, and the Sengokuhara plain to the historical remains of the “Hakone Sekisho” checkpoint. You can reach all of these within one hour's travel from Hinode Ryokan.
Odawara also used to serve as a caste town for Odawara Castle. Today, it is a charming town that boasts sandy beaches and a beautiful coastline.


Only a ten-minute walk from Hinode Ryokan, Odawara Castle is a sightseeing spot where you can still climb the castle tower and admire a range of historical materials. The castle walls and moat have also been preserved, so you can have the full Japanese castle experience here.



With its many and varied landscapes that change with the seasons and its historical buildings, Hakone is a famous tourist destination that you simply must visit at least once.
You can get from Hinode Ryokan to anywhere in Hakone within 30 minutes to an hour's travel.


Local restaurants

There are dozens of distinctive restaurants close to Hinode Ryokan.
You will find Japanese food, sushi, Italian food, Chinese food, and anything else you may want to eat on any given day, all made with local ingredients.